Time is now to send in your team

 info for the Spring Season                                                



Important Dates

 Rule Book


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Intercity Division      

  Playoff Schedule

 Dues schedule for the FALL season:

    In full Week 1= $330

    Half & Half = Week 1 =$174  + Week 7 = $180

    Weekly = Week 1 = $78  + Week 2 thru 11 = $30 weekly

As most of you know, this is a short season which is starting late.

A lot of changes are going on.  We will not be out and about much.

We are changing the States to one time per year.

We are changing some of the achievement plaques and dropping some.

Scoresheets are 1 page.  Not 3 copies. 

Email scoresheets to: ridartleague@verizon .net

Email is still the best way to contact us.

Any questions, please ask.  Talking is fine.  No arguing!

I will try to get back to you quickly, but not always possible.

Last modified: 01/27/19