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  Season             Champion                      Home Location

74th     Fall'17                        

73rd    Summer’17    Hammerheads        Gillians Ale House

72nd  Spring’17    The Bradleys                Bradley Cafe


71st    Fall'16       Crompton Vets            Crompton Vets

70th   Summer’16    Dilligafs                   Underground Billiards

69th   Spring’16    Hired Gunz                  Knightsville Pub


68th    Fall'15       I Dip Bulls                  I Dip Club

67th   Summer’15    Hired Gunz             Knightsville Pub

66th   Spring’15    Teramano TNT           Teramano Social Club


65th   Fall'14   Underground Champs    Underground Billiards

64th   Summer’14    The "A" Team         The Arena Bar and Grill

63rd   Spring’14    Seein Doubles            The Arena Bar and Grill

62nd  Fall’13          Why Not Us              The Arena Bar and Grill

61st  Summer '13    Longshots               Longshots Bar & Grill

60th  Spring '13    Peddlers Barbusters   Peddlers Inn 

59th  Fall '12         Seein Doubles           Arena Bar and Grill

58th  Summer '12  Seein Doubles           Arena Bar and Grill

57th  Spring '12    Sharp Shooters          Arena Bar and Grill

56th  Fall '11          Jacques Cartier        Jacques Cartier Club

55th  Summer '11    Longshots               Longshots Bar & Grill

54th  Spring '11       Grumpy's                Grumpy's Bar and Grill

53rd   Fall’10        Grumpy's                  Grumpy's Bar and Grill

52nd  Summer’10  All Americans               LA Cafe

51st Spring ’10     KC's Red Eyes               KC's Tap 

50th Fall ’09          The Bulls                      The Call 

49th Summer ’09  Peddlers Barbusters      Peddlers Inn 

48th Spring ’09     Robins Stranglers          Robins Place   

47th FALL '08       All Americans                 LA Café

46th Summer '08 Delta                             American Legion

45th Spring '08    All Americans                 Millers Crossing 

44th Fall ’07         Robins Snipers               Robins Place    Photos 

43rd Summer ‘07  Peddlers Barbusters       Peddlers Inn

42nd Spring ‘07    Fast & Da Furious            Splinters

41st Fall ‘06         Scalpers                          Indian Lounge

40th Summer ‘06  Dilligafs                          LA Café

39th Spring ‘06     Dilligafs                          LA Café

38th Fall ‘05         Teramano TNT               Teramano Social Club

37th Summer’05   Blue Collar Tweakers    Left Field

36th Spring ’05     Left Field Bulls              Left Field

35th  Fall ’04         LA Beamers                  LA Café

34th  Summer ’04  VFW 449                      VFW 449

33rd Spring ’04     Crompton Vets              Crompton Vets                     

32nd Fall ’03         Crompton Vets              Crompton Vets      

31st Summer ’03  Blue Collar Tweakers     Copperfields

30th Spring ’03     Crompton Vets              Crompton Vets                     

29th Fall ’02         Watchemoket Red Eyes    Watchemoket

28th Summer ’02  Blue Collar Tweakers    Copperfields

27th Spring ‘02     Crompton Vets             Crompton Vets

26th Fall ’01         Fakowees                     Left Field

25th Summer ’01 Pats IRA                        Patrick’s Pub

24th Spring ‘01     Crompton Vets             Crompton Vets

23rd Fall ‘00         Crompton Vets              Crompton Vets

22nd Summer ’00 Watchemoket Red Eyes     Watchemoket Bar

21st Spring ’00     Watchemoket Red Eyes     Watchemoket Bar

20th Fall ‘99         Crompton Vets               Crompton Vets

19th Summer ’99  Jonathans Los Cacafuegos Jonathans

18th Spring ’99     Jonathans Los Cacafuegos Jonathans

17th Fall ’98         Teramano ES’s               Teramano Social Club

16th Summer 98   Bud Flights                    American Legion Post

15th  Spring ’98     Burnt Toast                  American Legion Post

14th Fall ’97         Dukes Devils                  Dukes Good Times

13th Summer ‘97  Kilkenny Legends           Kilkenny’s Tap

12th Spring '97      Dukes Tons O Fun         Dukes Good Times          

11th Fall '96          Roxy Loscacafuegos      Roxys Cafe

10th Summer '96   After Shock                  Canopy Club

9th    Spring '96      After Shock                 Canopy Club

8th    Fall '95          Billys Mug Shots           Billy Goodes

7th    Summer '95   Bud Flights                   Canopy Club

6th    Spring '95      Billys Dart Bags            Billy Goodes

5th    Fall '94          Roch's Ton Twisters      On the Rochs

4th    Summer '94   Kellys Tripin Everything   Kellys Corner Pub

3rd    Spring '94      Dukes Blasters             Dukes Good Times

2nd   Fall '93          Surkonts Misfits             Surkonts Cafe

1st    Summer '93   Village 6 Pak                 The Villager











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